Mass bamboo dance at Reiek, Mizoram

Mizo youngsters take part in the “Cheraw dance” – a traditional mass bamboo dance of Mizoram on the occasion of Anthurium Festival 2013 at Reiek Village. Is it true that the Mizos call this dance Cherawkan while the Maara call it “Rakhâ tla”? So says a viewer! The Anthurium Festival is a 3 day-long event […]

Tlanglam Dance – Mizo folk dance from India

Mass Tlanglam dance performed by Mizo youth during Anthurium Festival in Mizoram. Tlanglam is performed throughout the length and breadth of the State. Using music of Puma Zai, there have been several variations of the dance. This dance is one of the most popular dances these days by our cultural troupes in various places. Both […]

Dancing in the rain: Mizo harvest dance tradition

The show goes on, even in the rain! And how apt that the theme involves broadcasting seeds and sowing a new crop in the fields… Young Mizo girls show the traditional way of ploughing rice field, weaving clothes, sowing seeds, cleaning rice grains etc in the form of dance at Anthurium festival 2013. Viewer Pau […]

Álex Sánchez España – Joaquín Rodrigo – Pequeña sevillana

Álex Sánchez España performing Joaquín Rodrigo´s Pequeña sevillana at the Federal University of Uberlandia (Brazil), August 2011.

Álex Sánchez España – Daniel Fortea – Andaluza

Álex Sánchez España performing Daniel Fortea´s Andaluza at the Federal University of Uberlandia (Brazil), August 2011.

Álex Sánchez España – Joaquín Rodrigo – Invocación y danza

Álex Sánchez España performing Joaquín Rodrigo´s Invocación y danza at the Federal University of Uberlandia (Brazil), August 2011.

Le Vent du Nord – Toujours Amants ( CD Tromper le temps, 2012)

Toujours Amants par Le Vent du Nord, Lancement CD Tromper le Temps, Lion d’Or, Montréal, 25 avril 2012

Le Vent du Nord – Manteau d’Hiver (”Wintercoat”) (CD Tromper le temps, Borealis Records, 2012)

”Manteau d’Hiver” interprétée par Le Vent du Nord lors du lancement du CD TROMPER LE TEMPS, Lion d’Or, Montréal (QUÉBEC), 25 avril 2012 (English translation: ”Wintercoat” title found when played the first time at the ”Wintercoat Brewery in Gronvej” during a DK tour organized by Eugene Graham in oct. 2011)

3 Hours Arabian Music | Relaxing Ambient Egyptian Music

Be sure to subscribe for more! ► Soul Candle Channel Soul Candle offers hundreds of musical tracks ranging from relaxing meditation to uplifting adventure. We also have many soundscapes people love to use to help them relax and fall asleep! If it’s good for your soul, you’ll find it here on Soul Candle. Be […]