AMV – ‘Nozomi / the wish’ [Woy]

Name : ‘Nozomi’ Anime : Dragon Ball Music : Tabidachi YOSHIDA KYOUDAI (Brothers) AMV Creator : Woy Comment : A small contest having ‘Dragon Ball (Z)’ for theme was launched in the french AMV community (AMVdeFans) ; this AMV didn’t entered it, for having being created after the deadline but had initially acknowledgments for the […]

Flow of the Sword (Last Samurai & Yoshida Brothers)

A music video / montage I threw together using the song Storm by Yoshida Brothers and the ninja fight scene from Last Samurai. The main idea was to make a visual representation of the fact that a blade moves quickly and smoothly like that of notes in a song. I hope you can see that. […]

YUZO AKAHORI playing Madrugada – Yoshida Brothers

Yuzo Akahori from Kaito Shamidaiko (Taubaté-Brazil) Playing Madrugada – Yoshida Brothers (SHAMISEN) Para fazer aulas ou comprar shamisen acesse: Acesse também:

吉田兄弟 YOSHIDA BROTHERS – Fuyu No Sakura (breakpipomix)

YOSHIDA BROTHERS REMIX + GRASS Grass é Grama 🙂 Fiz o remix usando uma MK2 e um Cotonete quebrado. Diga não às Dograss. Vote consciente. Brasília – DF Brasil