Uzbek Traditional Music and Dance in Bukhara 12

Uzbek Traditional Music and Dance in Bukhara 12

An evening of traditional Peruvian music in Ollantaytambo, Peru

Enjoying some traditional live music in the main plaza of the tiny village of Ollantaytambo, Peru. PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP?? “Gabe’s Guide to Budget Travel” is a travel guidebook that’s packed with practical travel info, tips and tricks. And it’s just $10 on Amazon! Click here for more info: Or feel like reading […]

Peruvian Music composed by Cuzco Local Band

When i was on Machhu Pichhu Expedition 2009 i had come across with this local Cuzco Band in Cuzco. They had sung fabulous local songs playing a lot of ancient Inca musical instruments….

Lady And The Tramp – Bella Notte famous spaghetti scene

Here is the famous scene from Lady and the Tramp, the spaghetti and meatballs scene. Be sure to watch at the end for a quick slide show of some pictures from Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in Walt Disney World, hope you enjoy. Please contact to have one of our Disney Travel Consultants plan your […]


JIU ZHAI GOU and HUANG LONG are great masterpieces of nature having dreamlike scenery and abundant natural resources. There are blue lakes, waterfalls, verdant forests. There is the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen.

China – Faces and Places Images of China, from Beijing to Tibet, from Shangri-la to Shanghai. Photographs by Frantisek Staud For more images of China and other countries, see: and

Kalmykia ( Респу́блика Калмы́кия)

The Republic of Kalmykia is located in southern Russia . It is a predominantly Buddhist with a small orthodox and Islamic minority. It the capital of chess in Russia and home to chess city where dozens of people come from around Russia to compete.The area is home to the Kalmyk people who are split into […]