North by Northwest Theme

The theme for Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” (1959).

Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid (suite)

Music to Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid (1921) performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Carl Davis.

Starsky and Hutch theme

Starsky and Hutch theme song

Tv Theme Chips (Top Quality)

Two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers- Ponch & Judy

Rockford Files Theme Song

Theme song to the classic 70’s show. CHECK OUT MY COOL NOSTALGIA CHANNEL

The Six Million Dollar Man intro theme


The Munsters theme song

The Munsters theme song


Lassie TV Intro 1967

Timon And Pumbaa (LIVE ACTION)

It was bound to happen. Childhood obsessions!!! For my Dad’s birthday. He’s always adored Timon and Pumbaa 😀 The end was totally BS’d, btw. I learned that dance watching the vid twice and I never fully knew the song, so. Plus the green screen sucks there cuz my skirt and the chair were green XD […]

A Goofy Movie: Stand Out + Eye to eye

Disfrutenlo muchisimo 😉

Darkwing Duck: The Original Theme

When the Disney Channel first aired Darkwing Duck in March 1991, they used a slightly different opening compared to the current version that’s been used for the Toon Disney airings, the DVDs and videos, the Disney Afternoon, etc. Instead of the more jazz-based theme that people were familiar with, they instead used a more rock-based […]

Disney’s Doug Intro (HQ)

Credit goes to the Disney Video Beta website.

pepper ann theme song

i love this theme song, its from the greatst show ever but it doesnt come on anymore D: its just not fair credit to

Aspiring Tibetan Sacred Land

New Fusion Chinese Folk Music with Tibetan Theme and Western RocknRoll Style Ingredients