Japanese Drumming Sounds

Sit down and relax, while listening to a composition of drums from Japan. Especially the large Taiko drums give an overwelming sound, which does not fit in any video camera. You have to experience these vibrations yourself. This event was my first encounter with Taiko drums. I followed the drums in the far distance, which […]

On Ensemble: Taiko

New album Bizarre Heroes available now: http://onensemble.bandcamp.com/ On Ensemble – Watashi Watashitachi Find out more about On Ensemble at our website: http://OnEnsemble.org “using traditional taiko (Japanese drum) music as a springboard for their contemporary world fusion mix, On Ensemble beautifully combines folk, jazz and rock into a tightly-woven fabric… their innovative vocabulary bends and refreshes […]

Shamisen Vs. Taiko

Third clip from this unknown (to me) show. The shamisen is played with powerful accompanyment from a taiko drummer. Forgive me for not sharing the artists names, I am relatively new to the Japanese language, let alone 漢字 (Kanji). I hope I spelled that right 😀

Taiko (太鼓) – Traditional Japanese music

Taiko – Traditional Japanese music

Traditional Japanese music

Taiko Drummers in Peterborough playing a traditional piece of music from Japan.