Ali Bood – Seyyed Khalil Alinejad سید خلیل عالینژاد -علی بود

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم تا صورت پیوند جهان بود علی بود تا نقش زمین بود و زمان بود علی بود شاهی که ولی بود و وصی بود علی بود سلطان سخا و کرم و جود علی بود هم آدم و هم شیث و هم ادریس و هم ایوب هم یونس و هم یوسف و هم […]

Native – heya heya

Native Spiritual Music

Native American Music HARMONY

Visit us at Listen to this beautiful music from Native Americans. Hope you like it. If you like this music, please visit

~ Native American Spiritual Music 2 ~

A selection of graphics and the great music of oliver shanti combine in this 2nd video of native american spiritual music. Indian spirituality centers on a collection of beliefs shared by most tribes, with variations in details, rituals and ceremonies. Distinctions are often made, for example, between the Plains Indians of the Midwest, the Pueblo […]

Indian Song

This is a video that I put together using pictures, many I took myself. It has a very relaxing beat and makes my soul peaceful.

Spiritual Flute: The Beauty of Nature

Spiritual Flute: The Beauty of Nature Music by: Spiritual Flutes Video by: Sakal M.P. Kim and Jendhamuni Sos Edited by: Jendhamuni Sos

Belief Song

This song came to me in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony, the first part is in Cree-Michif and the second is the English Translation… for My Native American Family and non-native as well. Hope you enjoy it.