Uzbek/Tajik Bukhara Dance Hafiz Poetry Silk Road Dance Company Silk Road Dance Company: Everyone Has a Beloved Throughout the lands traversed by the Silk Road, poetry is an honored and revered art. When verses are set to music, the dancer must embody the inner sentiments. For this setting of a Hafez poem, the costuming and dance vocabulary are unique to Bukhara, matching the […]

Uzbek Ferghana Dance “Darya Toshkin” Silk Road Dance Company Silk Road Dance Company: Darya Toshkin Choreography by Laurel Victoria Gray. Performed by Silk Road Dance Company. “The river is flooding,” says the singer, referring to his overflowing emotions. He praises the beauty of his beloved and imagines her in a colorful silk dress. The style of the piece is in the lyrical […]

Chinese Music – Along the Silk Road 丝路花雨 – 13 Rainbow Skirt Dance 霓裳羽衣舞

Music from the Dance Drama – Along the Silk Road 丝路花雨 Composed by Han Zhongchai 韩中才, Hu Yan 呼延 & Jiao Kai 焦凯 Performed by the Song and Dance Troupe Band of Gansu Province 甘肃歌舞团乐队 Conducted by Han Zhongchai 韩中才 Rocorded in 1979