Domog (Домог) – “Boerte”

Title: Boerte Artist: Domog (Домог) Origin: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Web: Purchase the album “Domog – Folk Modern Group”: iTunes:

Kalmykia ( Респу́блика Калмы́кия)

The Republic of Kalmykia is located in southern Russia . It is a predominantly Buddhist with a small orthodox and Islamic minority. It the capital of chess in Russia and home to chess city where dozens of people come from around Russia to compete.The area is home to the Kalmyk people who are split into […]

Несе Галя воду – Ukrainian Folk Music – Cesar from Ecuador

Галя – Galya Vodu – Ukrainian Folk Music – Cesar Espinoza from Ecuador… Equipment I use for my Videos: Tripod: Mice: Camera: Lens: My home studio Equipment: Studio Mice: Computer: Monitors: Headphones: Music Software: Video Software: Category