Oliver And Company – Once Upon A Time In New York City (English)

All characters, soundtrack and video are rightfully owned by Walt Disney Studios and The Walt Disney Company. Copyright, 1988 Walt Disney Studios, Oliver And Company. Sung by the incredible Huey Lewis and The News.

Oliver And Company – Perfect Isn’t Easy (English)

Characters, Soundtrack and video is rightfully owned by The Walt Disney Corporation. Copyright, 1988, Oliver & Company. Walt Disney Studios. Sung by the incredible Bette Midler

Oliver And Company – Why Should I Worry (English)

All characters, soundtrack and video are by rightly owned property and copyright of 1988 Walt Disney Studio Productions. Sung by the incredible Billy Joel.

Medicine Power & Wolves

Nature forest spirit wolves

Native American – Wolfsong

native americans oliver shanti

Medicine Power

This song is for spiritual healing of sadness, a broken heart, anger, and other unpleasant emotions. Song: Medicine Power Artist: Oliver Shanti

~ Native American Spiritual Music 2 ~

A selection of graphics and the great music of oliver shanti combine in this 2nd video of native american spiritual music. Indian spirituality centers on a collection of beliefs shared by most tribes, with variations in details, rituals and ceremonies. Distinctions are often made, for example, between the Plains Indians of the Midwest, the Pueblo […]

Oliver Mtukudzi – tozeza baba

Oliver Mtukudzi – tozeza baba