North by Northwest Theme

The theme for Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” (1959).

Erhu – Ballad of North Henan Province 豫北叙事曲

Performed by Yu Hongmei 于红梅 Yu Hongmei’s Offical Website – Associate Professor of Department of Traditional Chinese Music, the Central Conservatory of Music (CCM); Guest Soloist of the China Central Chinese Orchestra; Guest Professor at the University of Calgary, Canada. Yu Hongmei began her erhu study at the age of eight, and she studied […]

Faces of the Desert

The desert: fascinating, grandiose, endless, and always originating where sand, wind and sun form a union with one single goal – to create infinity. Music: “Lounge Oud Vs. Fawzi Chekili” from the album -“Lounge Cafè Tunis “Sahria”- by Ben OThman at