Hottest Chinese Music 6 — Love Across Time and Space

Lyrics Fingers cold temperature Knocking open dust-laden memory Who is in the hearts of memory The eyes of affectionate messages The helplessness of rain Beating out consuming yearnings Fallen flower has the heart yet water is ruthless Wandering down quiet night alone Love through time and space Only lonely transmigration left Love is no where […]

Hottest Chinese Music 3 — Star Bright, Star Light 星光燦爛

Lyrics Starry Night You are like a gust of wind gently blowing, blow open a spring in my mind like fireworks. You are like a river quietly flows, churn up minute waves in the heart. Just like been through the desert single and alone, hastily leave once loneliness at first sight of happiness. Just like […]

Hottest Chinese Music 2 — We are angels 我們是天使

Lyrics A cup of juice, a piece of poem, Dancing finger tips, typing in address, Dont say I am ignorant, dont laugh at my naiveness, Innocent ideas, we dont have to explain to nobody, Past is our teacher, teach me many things, Some year some day, some city, Anxiety is magzine, full of knowledge, Need […]