Peru Music- Aymarita by Wayna Picchu

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Native Peruvian Music

One of my last days in Cusco, Peru. These native brothers played an outstanding piece for us

Native Peru MUSIC by Inka .wmv

sorry for not good music sounds quality – made from old cassete 🙂

[CNM] Soothing Ballad (江南雨) Southern Rain

Title: 江南雨 (Southern Rain) Artist: 杨蔓 (Yang Mang) ▶ Soothing Ballads:

[CNM] Soothing Ballad (海上花) Flower in the sea

Title: 海上花 (Flower in the sea) Artists: 男女混音合唱 ▶ Soothing Ballads:

[CNM] Soothing Ballad (挥不去的思念) Never Stop Missing you

Title: Never Stop Missing You Artist: 王雅洁 (Wang Ya Jie) ▶ Soothing Ballads:

Native American Indian mens group dancing at Ca. Pow wow

Old footage of Native American Indian mens group dancing at Pow wow. Fancy, Grass, Southern Straight, and Northern Traditional men dancing together at a Pow wow.

Native – heya heya

Native Spiritual Music

Tatanka – A-La-Ke

A superb relaxing song,Enjoy

WUAUQUIKUNA – Buffalo white

Группа, играющая индейскую музыку в Норвегии. Folk-bandet som spiller indianer-musikk i Norge. Folk-band playing native American Indians music in Norway

Inka Spirit – Elder’s Honor Song

As an indigenous urban culture today Incas in South America is named. Often, as only the respective ruling Inca people of this culture are known. They ruled between the 13th and 16 Century on a far-spanning empire of over 200 ethnic groups, [1], showed a high degree of organization. At its greatest extent (approximately 950,000 […]

Cherokee War Dance

I found the Mp3 on google for download, it was very difficult to find. I am half Cherokee and it means a lot to me, I have seen the dance take place firsthand. It’s really neat!

Native Americans – It Will Be So

A Creative Slideshow of Native American Dancing & Art. Author is also 3/4 Cherokee Music by Jackie Bird-“It Will Be So”-Native Cherokee

Native American Music: Wolves

A nice song put into a video. Could help you to RELAX. A very catchy song that might make you sing it during the day; after you hear it.


TO ALL NATIVE AMERICANS …. AND FOR ALL THOSE THAT WISH THEY WERE (me)………PEACE BE WITH YOU……….(I am not Native American. I love and respect your culture. That is why I made this video.)

native american indian spirit horses

brule native american indian spirit horses painthorses

night wolf

a vid i put together to my song night wolf played on a native american flute… you can get this song and my cd Spiritdancer at

Voices of the Wind – The Beautiful Wolf – Sublime

Voices of the Wind by Ah-Nee-Maa, Spirit of the Southwest. Native American