Made for Halloween of 2006. Shows some clips of various movies such as, The Exorcist, Saw, Dawn of the dead, The Ring, The Grudge, ect.. The song is from the movie Halloween. I hope you all like it. Happy Halloween! YautjaLust AkA: GotheenaVampira.

TIME TO WORKOUT * Exercise Elsa Frozen Movie Clips * Play Doh Stop Motion Animation

Elsa is getting out of shape so it’s time for her to gear up, eat healthy and start exercising! Can she resist the sweet treats? Stop Motion videos – Clay Animación – Playdough Stop Motion – Disney Pixar – Play doh videos – Plastilina animación Check out more stop motions videos below 🙂 Play Doh […]

Full Movie HD Cartoon – Robinson Crusoe 3D Animation Short Film

“Du tout Cuit” is a 3D-animated full film – This funny animation short movie (full cartoon 3D movie HD) was created by several students for their graduation project at ESMA (Montpellier, France). http://www.esma-montpellier.com/ Du Tout Cuit – 3D-Animated short film Film Direction : Juline BRETON, Loïc CURIEN, Vincent JUAN & Julien TISSEAU. Music : Raphaël […]

The Pokeball of Life

Alright! I finally finished my first AMV! For ‘The Pokeball of Life’ I was aiming for ‘memories’, as I’m leaving for college. It’s supposed to be relaxing. So, I’m sorry it looks terrible, but give me a break, it’s my first one! Thanks for watching! Music: ‘The Circle of Life’ from ‘The Lion King’ by […]