Traditional Chinese Music: Pipa performance: Mountains and Rivers (山河)

This wonderful melody named “山河” was Composed by Ms. Chiu Chi-Ling. One of the best song in the Music Album: Reminiscences of the Great Tang Dynasty ———————————————————– Subscribe for more NTDonMusic: Follow us on Facebook:

Traditional Chinese Music performance “A Magnificent Era”

This song named “A Magnificent Era” (盛世) Composer: Ms. Chie Hsiao-Ching Subscibe for more: Want to listen more traditional Chinese Music:

Pipa performance: “Meditation at Night”

This wonderful melody named: Meditation at Night (夜思) Composer: Ms. Chiu Chi-Ling One of the best song in the Music Album: Reminiscences of the Great Tang Dynasty Subscribe for more NTDonMusic: Want to listen more Traditional Chinese music:

Classical Chinese Music performance “An Honorable Countenance”

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Classical Chinese music performance “An Ode to Deceased Dafa Practitioners” (敬悼)

An Ode to Deceased Dafa Practitioners Composer: Ms. Chie Hsiao-Ching Music Album: Reminiscences of the Great Tang Dynasty Don’t forget to share and subscribe our channel for more beautiful melody with nature scenes: Want to listen more traditional Chinese music:… Follow us on Facebook:… Thank you and have a nice day!

Flute Performance “Proud Plum Blossom Amid the Winter Snow”

Enjoy this wonderful Chinese melody named “Proud Plum Blossom Amid the Winter Snow” Author and Performed by Chen Guohua. If you like this melody please click subscribe and share it! Thanks!

Traditional Chinese music performance “Infinity” ensemble with beautiful scene of cloud

Enjoy this beautiful song named “Infinity” composed by a Falun Dafa practitioner. Dont forget to subscribe and share to your friends! Thank you!

Chinese Music – Erhu Instrumental, 沂蒙山 YiMeng Mountains: 严洁敏(Yan Jiemin)

Composer and musician Yan Jiemin is is an associate professor at China’s Central Conservatory of Music. Known globally, she is a highly respected musician performing many genres of music. This production combines traditional Chinese theme and composition with a New Age production style, therefore I refer to this recording as being Chinese New Age Cross-Over […]

Wayrapa Muspuini

Visit our website at The song White Buffalo is a traditional folk song with a modern arrangement performed by American Ecuadorian Mr. Wilson Lema at ER Studios. The soothing sounds of the panflute and quena induces a soothing emotion to anyone who listens. The natural sounds of the instrument are also used in […]

Mika Agematsu – Natsunoomoide.flv

Sublime interpretación de esta melodía, por un ángel que llego a Japón desde el cielo.

Native American Indian Spirit of Meditation

Spice up your special moment of peace with traditional native American sound of Indian pipe.

The Indian road – Eagle come pray for me

a tribute to all indian american people

Wayra – Tranquility

The exotic sounds of traditional Incan music

Wind From The West (Native American Spiritual song)

Presented From Southern Spirit. The Native American Spiritual Nation songs. Heal Your Soul with these song and Enjoy the Greatest Spiritual Music. Have a peaceful of your mind. Please give any credit to Mr Wilson Lema (Traditional, Contemporary And Native American Music Performer Arts & Crafts) ..and those all images shown in these video… I […]

Wolfsheart – The Call Of The Canyons

Music video by Wolfsheart performing The Call Of The Canyons. (C) 2010 G.I. Records. This album has earned a Native American Music Award for Best Native Heart Recording For more information, visit:

Native American Meditation Music #1 – Chirapaq – Shayak – Sixto A

Listen And Relax I do not own author rights. If you want to contact them, use the e-mails below e-mail: di********@ya***.com ku*******@ho*****.com

Indian Flute Relaxation

Relaxation videos spiritual Indian flute.Our natural world is alive with beauty and wonder. It is important for our peace of mind and our enthusiasm for life to love the world we live in and care for the earth and all living things. I hope that these videos will awaken a sense of awe and appreciation […]

MEDITATION MUSIC – Feng Shui- Kokin Gumi – Zen Garden

*Musica Relax – Yoga; *The author of the image is Andy Simmons from England; *Second video of yoga: