Etta James – At Last – Lyrics

Any requests for more lyric videos please let me know by commenting below : )

Azula – Cruella de Vil

This is my first AMV. It´s about Azula from Avatar the last Airbender with the song Cruella de Vil by Selena Gomez. I hope you like it!

Hercules – One Last Hope

© Walt Disney Pictures

Avatar – Zero to Hero (Hercules)

Wowww…I found this saved on my computer and I can only vaguely remember making it. XD Sooo…Zero to Hero, starring Aang, Zuko AND Sokka as Hercules. 😛 Okay, so I was working with limited clips. It still turned out pretty cool. EDIT: THIS IS AN OLD AMV! PLEASE CHECK OUT MY NEWER STUFF! 😀 Song: […]

Hercules – One Last Hope (HD)

One Last Hope from Disney’s Hercules in high definition Check out my channel for more HD Disney songs 😀 Copyright Disney

The last of Mohicans – Rumy Wind Son | indians |

The last of Mohicans – Rumy Wind Son | indians | | recorded in Alghero (SS) Sardinia – Italy October 2010 _____________________ e-mail Rumy: _____________________ (muranov)

Flow of the Sword (Last Samurai & Yoshida Brothers)

A music video / montage I threw together using the song Storm by Yoshida Brothers and the ninja fight scene from Last Samurai. The main idea was to make a visual representation of the fact that a blade moves quickly and smoothly like that of notes in a song. I hope you can see that. […]