LENA HORNE sings ‘The Lady is a Tramp’

From the 1948 film ‘WORDS AND MUSIC’ – a vivacious rendition of this song from LENA HORNE.

Lady and the Tramp 2-Ive never had this feeling before Lyrics.

Lady and the tramp 2 ive never had this feeling before lyrics. Enjoy 🙂 Please support Disney’s Lady and the tramp 2 by purchasing DVDs and merchandise! This is not my property i simply put lyrics up for your own enjoyment!

He’s A Tramp-Lady And The Tramp(with lyrics)

peg sings hes a tramp lyrics: He’s a tramp But they love him Breaks a new heart Ev’ry day He’s a tramp They adore him And I only hope He’ll stay that way He’s a tramp He’s a scoundrel He’s a rounder He’s a cad He’s a tramp But I love him Yes,even I Have […]