Beautiful Chinese Music – Bamboo Flute

Title: 綠野仙蹤 Played by: 陳悅 Picture: Lovers on a Bridge by hakubaikou The bamboo flute 簫 is played vertically, like the western recorder.

Mika Agematsu & Studio Arpa Japan “Sinfonia de Arpa”

A collecting CD : “Mika AGEMATSU” 2005 UNIVERSAL JAPAN UCCS-1071 Composition:Hitoshi Fujima Arrangement:Mika Agematsu A performance: Mika Agematsu,Hirasawa Quartet,STUDIO ARPA JAPAN A stage:2010 yokohama JAPAN

Japanese Drumming Sounds

Sit down and relax, while listening to a composition of drums from Japan. Especially the large Taiko drums give an overwelming sound, which does not fit in any video camera. You have to experience these vibrations yourself. This event was my first encounter with Taiko drums. I followed the drums in the far distance, which […]

Moments of Illusion (Dawn Voyages, With Koto)

Here is a remix of Dawn Voyages, featuring traditional koto music that should prove more soothing than the original ‘exciting’ mix.

Música tradicional del Japón

Música tradicional del Japón. Instrumento Shamisen. Estilo Sugaro Shamisen

Traditional Japanese Music

We caught these guys at the Fiddler near Takadanobaba Station in Shinjuku.

Moments of Happiness (Flowers of Japan)

Please Note- a higher quality version is now online, which you can see here. Be sure to click the ‘HQ’ button to enjoy a substantially higher resolution version, as was originally intended- Here are the beautiful Flowers and Views of Mt Fuji, with a traditionally soothing Japanese ‘koto’ music soundtrack. The actual pictures were taken […]

Traditional Japanese music

Taiko Drummers in Peterborough playing a traditional piece of music from Japan.

Jake Shimabukuro plays “Sakura, Sakura”

Jake Shimabukuro plays “Sakura, Sakura” a song inspired by the Koto (Japanese instrument). Performed at the Japan Society 2009 Annual Dinner in New York City, June 15, 2009. For more information on Japan Society please visit: Information on Jake Shimabukuro: Information on the Koto:

Sakura (cherry blossom) 桜 花見

Better Quality version here: A video I made in northern Japan to celebrate the explosion of cherry blossoms after a long winter. The song is called “sakura” which means cherry blossoms and the two kanji that pop up mean “cherry blossom” and later “flower viewing.”

Japanese Sakura Song

A traditional Japanese song sung by Meagan Finlay, with Andrew Liu on cello, and Steven Davis on viola. Enjoy!

Sakura “Cherry Blossoms”;Traditional Music of Japan, Classical Koto Music 日本の伝統音楽

Famous traditional classic music of Japan; Koto strings. “Sakura(cherry blossoms)” Please visit my other channel : stratocasterbob

Kazue Sawai Plays Midare (JAPANESE KOTO)

The greatest living koto player. The Jimi Hendrix of the Japanese harp.

Sakura Sakura -a Japanese traditional music-

Another arrangement of “Sakura Sakura”: If you like this recording, please try my own composing project, 1001 MUSIC PROJECT: “Sakura Sakura” It is a Japanese traditional music. Arranged and played by Masashi Yamanaka.