Mike Hammer – Intro

Original Introduction To The TV Series Mike Hammer. Watch now in Upgraded HD Quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vpKC1oBpHs

Tv Theme Chips (Top Quality)

Two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers- Ponch & Judy

Mission: Impossible Opening Montage 1

Each episode of Mission: Impossible featured a unique opening. Clips from the upcoming show were edited together in the fast-paced style of Lalo Schrifrin’s brilliant theme song and played before the opening credits. Here, I have edited together the intros to six episodes, showing the match lighting only on the first episode and the opening […]


Lassie TV Intro 1967

Guess the Disney Song

Try and guess the Disney song and which movie it’s from based on its introduction. Good luck! There are twenty songs, some easier than others…

The Little Mermaid Intro

The Little Mermaid Intro to the 1992-1994, cartoon