Indian Violinist “Busker”

Came across this amazing busker a short walk from McLeod Ganj. An amazing player, we tipped him well and took this short video to remember him by. The instrument sounded so amazing live! Read our travel blog at

train busking in india

some musicians accosted us on a train in india.

Rajasthani Girl and her Dad Busking!

See and hear this traditional Indian singing and music. This spectacle was filed in Pushkar India.

Banjara – Maatibaani ft. Mooralala Marwada

” Banjara ” was recorded live at the folk singer Mooralala Marwada’s home in Dholavira, Kutchh, in front of a live audience consisting of his whole neighborhood and of course, the cows and the goats who occasionally tried to match their notes with ours! The words are by the great saint poet Kabir who expressed […]

Chirmi, Indian Dance Group MAYURI, Petrozavodsk, Russia

Indian Dance Group MAYURI – Chirmi The melody of this dance is based on popular Rajasthani folk song “Chirmi” and performed on algoza-flute by Dhode Khan Visit our official site:

Native Peruvian Music

One of my last days in Cusco, Peru. These native brothers played an outstanding piece for us

Native American Indian mens group dancing at Ca. Pow wow

Old footage of Native American Indian mens group dancing at Pow wow. Fancy, Grass, Southern Straight, and Northern Traditional men dancing together at a Pow wow.

Tatanka – A-La-Ke

A superb relaxing song,Enjoy

Inka Spirit – Elder’s Honor Song

As an indigenous urban culture today Incas in South America is named. Often, as only the respective ruling Inca people of this culture are known. They ruled between the 13th and 16 Century on a far-spanning empire of over 200 ethnic groups, [1], showed a high degree of organization. At its greatest extent (approximately 950,000 […]

Lakota National Anthem

From The homeland.. Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Native American indian World & Peace

the beauty of the native americans

native american indian spirit horses

brule native american indian spirit horses painthorses

Voices of the Wind – The Beautiful Wolf – Sublime

Voices of the Wind by Ah-Nee-Maa, Spirit of the Southwest. Native American

Amazing Grace (Lyrics in the Navajo Language)

This video provides the lyrics to the famous hymnal, Amazing Grace, written by John Newton and translated in the Navajo language by Albert Tsosie. The literal translation of each word or words below the Navajo words is provided in English. This song is sung by Elizabeth Bryant and Virginia Greymountain of Inscription House, AZ. Pictured […]

Grandma Dan Talks About Navajo Stirring Sticks

Local resident, Agnes Dan, talks about Navajo stirring sticks called “ádístsíín” in Navajo. These stirring sticks, also called “mush sticks,” are a common house-hold item within the Navajo home. Mush sticks are made from the stem of the greasewood plant (Sarcobatus vermiculatus), called “dówozhii” in Navajo. Navajos typically hang them in their homes in the […]

LAKOTA – To Walk the Red Road

This video is dedicated to LEONARD PELTIER Who follows the Red Road in Spirit of Crazy Horse. “… I have always loved and respected the Lakota ways. I have always admired the Lakota people, especially the Oglalas, for their strength, determination, and courage to continue the struggle to maintain our traditional ways and sovereignty.” – […]