Music and musical instruments of Bukhara – Uzbekistan 2011

For lovers of music : Music of Bukhara is soul stirring. Talented makers of musical instruments happily perform little pieces compelling one to stand by in admiration ,enveloping the listeners and taking them far into some bygone era of romance and history.

LAKOTA – To Walk the Red Road

This video is dedicated to LEONARD PELTIER Who follows the Red Road in Spirit of Crazy Horse. “… I have always loved and respected the Lakota ways. I have always admired the Lakota people, especially the Oglalas, for their strength, determination, and courage to continue the struggle to maintain our traditional ways and sovereignty.” – […]

The Apache Native American tribe

Cochise , Chato, Taza, Naiche, Geronimo, Victorio, Mangas Coloradas – notable Apache People. Generally – The Apache Indians are perhaps one of the best-known tribes in America. The Apache tribes include the Plains Apache (Oklahoma), the Lipan Apache (Texas), Western Apache (Arizona), Chiricahua Apache (Arizona/New Mexico), Jicarilla Apache (New Mexico), and the Mescalero Apache (New […]

Slavic warriors

Yet another Slavic video. Please enjoy 🙂