Chinese traditional music by Liu Fang on guzheng 古筝曲 寒鴉戲水 劉芳古箏獨奏

Guzheng (where “Gu” and “Zheng” stand for “ancient” and “zither” or “harp”) is one of the most popular traditional instruments from China. It’s beautiful and mellow sounds are very attractive. Pipa soloist Liu Fang also has also an excellent command of guzheng playing, particularly for classical styles, as evidenced in this piece. Performer: Liu Fang […]

Guzheng performance: “Lotus blossom”

Enjoy this wonderful Chines melody ensemble with beautiful scene of river, performance with famous instrument: Guzheng. This song “Lotus Blossom” was composed by Xie En, feature in the album “Reminiscences of the Great Tang Dynasty”.


This instrument is a koto. 遠藤千晶さんの「楽」(作曲・沢井忠夫)の中の「無窮動」と「輪舞」です。 アップロード当時は10分の制約があり時間の都合で第二楽章の「変奏曲」をカットしています。ご了承下さい。 CDに関する質問があったのでアマゾンのリンク貼っときますね DVD including “Gaku” Other her DVD “傳(Tsutae)” CD “傳(Tsutae)”