Hottest Chinese Music 4 — Beautiful Road (HD)

Lyrics of Beautiful road, singer Chen Sisi Beautiful road, your beauty is growing every day. You are with the Sun, You are with the Moon, geting into bright colors, getting into youthful age. You are with the Youth, You are with the Fashion, going into passion, heading for happness and abundance. Beautiful road, your beauty […]

Hottest Chinese Music 15 — Ten thousand color flower blossomed

Indian dancing elements and central Asian styles were borrowed into the music in order to give the boring and picky audience a fresh experience. Presented by folk singer Zhang Yang

Hottest Chinese Music 11 — Sage Confucious once said

Lyrics I hear him say, men are kindhearted, my mind gets clearer little by little. I hear him say, love is reciprocal and mutual, my heart gets warmed up little by little. Kindhearted person loves everyone, everyone loves one another in return, ready person helps everyone, everyone helps one another in return, polite person repects […]

Hottest Chinese Music 22 — The merrily calling of ospreys

Lyrics V1 Guan-guan go the ospreys, On the islet in the river. The modest, retiring, virtuous, young lady : — For our prince a good mate she. Here long, there short, is the duckweed, To the left, to the right, borne about by the current. The modest, retiring, virtuous, young lady : — Waking and […]

Hottest Chinese Music 20 — Passionate Chinese People

Lyrics My Passionate Chinese People Lively Chinese Heart Deep deap love of China Forever my root is China China is the sun in my heart, sun in my heart China is the moon in my dream, moon in my dream China is my boundless concern, boundless concern China is my endless love, endless love There […]

Hottest Chinese Music 32 — Dream of Southern China 夢憶江南

Lyrics Gentle breeze soft speaking between green poplars and willows, mist and ripples miles of miles and in ponds and lakes willow catkins gliding down afloat. All say a good rain knows the season, always come in spring sprinkle down yearning. Sinuating shore bridge landscape stretch wistfully, evening song on fishing boat and pagoda floor […]

Hottest Chinese Music 1 — China Knots

Lyric Brief Weaving into spring wind, weaving into rainbow, Beautiful land great scenery, The blessing Chinese Knot Carrying so much hope, so much happiness All meeting in this Chinese knot Weaving into victory songs, weaving into sucessful news, Great peaceful age, The auspicious Chinese knot, Carrying so many wishes, so many accomplishments Lyrics Weaving into […]