The Best Italian Folk Songs – Napoli | Folk Music

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Friend Like Me (LIVE ACTION)

FINALLY something worth posting!!!! Introducing my good friend from acting class: Matia! SPECIAL EFFEEEECCCTTTSSSS O____o

Aladdin – Friend Like Me [High Quality] – Friend Like Me song from Aladdin.

Toy Story – Intro Song – “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”

Intro song to Toy Story, Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”

[1080p HD] Aladdin – Friend Like Me

After we meet the Genie in Walt Disney’s Aladdin, he tries to explain just who and what he is. © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures 1992.

indian spirit

for all me friends/ native american,spirit,world,friend

Medicin for mother earth

dream native american/spirit,world,friend

Spirit of the Wind

spirit,world,friend, native american


native american,friend,spirit,world


native american,spirit,world,friend

Mother Earth

spirit,world,friend,native american

Spirit Earth “Hope “

native american,spirit,world,friend

Balance for the Earth

native american,spirit,world,friend

Spirit of land

spirit,world,friend,native american