Spanish Latin Flamenco Rock Guitar Instrumental Music (Original)

A new rocky song. I’m not a flamenco expert so this is tourist music obviously 🙂 Photo is from Tenerife.

elbicho en Buenafuente – letras

elbicho en formación acústica tocan “letras” en el programa Buenafuente de laSexta. 06’10’10

elbicho en buenafuente – de vivir

elbicho en formacion acustica toca de vivir en el programa buenafuente

Angel Iglesias in Praha.avi

A rare film with the great Spanish guitar virtuoso Angel Iglesias displaying his incredible guitarplaying for an enthusiastic audience in Praha in the 1940’s. Iglesias is one of the greatest figures in the modern history of the guitar, but undeservedly somewhat overshadowed by others.


NEW 2010 A CD mutch more “professionnal ” :-)) Between Flamenco and clasical music, this little piece, rarely or never (?)recorded, I like to play on concert Frequently, people, guitarist, ask to me : “but, why, this malaguena called “facil”?? I answer “perhaps, I suppose for him, Tarrega, it was facil, and simply, because […]