If Ever I would Leave You – Robert Goulet

Robert Goulet sings “If Ever I Would Leave You”

Snow White Happily Ever After (1993)

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Joanna Lacher Percival Schuttenbach – Most beautiful female metal singer EVER!!

WATCH IN HD!! Joanna Lacher is the vocalist and bassist of Percival Schuttenbach Polish metal band. Music by Percival Schuttenbach: Satanael from album Svantevit. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Val1Morgulis3

Best 3 African Music Ever

1- Blood Diamond By James Newton Howard 2- “Dreamcatcher-Seventh Heaven 3- “Black & White” by Kwon Wo Chen. Africa is a vast continent and its regions and nations have distinct musical traditions. The music of North Africa for the most part has a different history from Sub-Saharan African music traditions.[1] The music and dance forms […]