Winx Club:Magical Adventure! Nick Dub! (FULL MOVIE)

i did not record this! Sorry for bad quality! xD Winx club magical adventure nick dub. winx magical adventure nickelodeon dub

Dumbo – Song of the Roustabouts (English + subs)

Dumbo – Song of the Roustabouts I was really surprised it wasn’t up on youtube, because Song of the Roustabouts is probably my favorite song, not only from Dumbo, but from any of Walt’s films. Just by listening to it I get filled by energy. I don’t own this, Disney does.

Dumbo – Casey Junior (English + subs)

Dumbo – Casey Junior One of the shortest Disney songs ever. I wish it was longer, because I like it a lot 🙂 I don’t own this, Disney does.

Dumbo – When I See an Elephant Fly Reprise (English + subs)

Dumbo – Whe I See and Elephant Fly Reprise Reprise of one song (usually the main theme) appearing at the very end of the film, usually sung by a chorus – a Disney tradition. And this was one of the first examples of this. I don’t own this, Disney does.

Dumbo – When I See an Elephant Fly (English + subs)

Dumbo – When I See an Elephant Fly It’s kinda weird that this film has some songs near the beginning and some (like this) near the end, but none in the middle. I don’t own this, Disney does.

Dumbo – Look Out for Mr Stork! (English + subs)

Dumbo – Look Out for Mr. Stork! Dumbo is my 2nd favorite movie of Walt Disney. It’s short and low-budget, still it was one of the most expressive films of Disney. Same can be said for this song – short, but great. I don’t own this, Disney does.

At The Ball (English)

At The Ball (English) from Cinderella III: A Twist In Time Copyright Disney

Pocahontas – Steady As The Beating Drum (English)

The spectacular opening song of Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’ (1995). One of the best in my opinion! Enjoy, and be sure to rate/comment if you stop by!

Rescue Aid Society Theme – English

“The Rescue Aid Society” theme song, from “Disney’s The Rescuers”. Yes, this is indeed the only english version you can find at the moment, believe me, i looked. And judging by other user comments, demand is for English, so here it is. I do apologize if the audio is quiet, but the quality is highest […]

Brother Bear – Great Spirits Reprise (English Blu-Ray Version) [HD]

Great ending to a great movie 🙂 Singer: Tina Turner Narrator: Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley Lyrics: Ooh, great spirits of all who lived before Take our hands and lead us Fill our hearts and souls with all you know You know, you know, show Show us that in your eyes We are all the same Brothers […]

Where Do I Go From Here (English)

My favorite song from Pocahontas II.

Anastasia – In The Dark Of The Night English (Lyrics) (BluRay HD)

Christopher Lloyd as Rasputin (Speaking) Jim Cummings as Rasputin (Singing) Hank Azaria as Bartok Hope you like it. I don’t own anything, © Fox and credit to the English voice actors.