Duck Tales Theme (FULL VERSION)

This is the FULL version of the Disney’s Duck Tales theme song, along with a little slideshow I made. I couldn’t find the full song on youtube, so I figured I’d do the fans a favor and make one. Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to comment, request or subscribe! EDIT for 2015: I will […]

Darkwing Duck: The Original Theme

When the Disney Channel first aired Darkwing Duck in March 1991, they used a slightly different opening compared to the current version that’s been used for the Toon Disney airings, the DVDs and videos, the Disney Afternoon, etc. Instead of the more jazz-based theme that people were familiar with, they instead used a more rock-based […]

The 3 Caballeros-Song (subtitled)

Panchito is soooo coooool!!!! XD