[Mellow] – Uppermost – Mistakes

The melody in this track is breathtaking, just close your eyes and enjoy! Download Mistakes with the rest of the album: Control. http://blog.uppwind.com/?p=123 Uppermost: http://facebook.com/uppermost Tweets by uppermostmusic FreeTheTunes: http://facebook.com/freethetunes Tweets by FreeTheTunes http://youtube.com/freethetuneshd Picture: Please contact us if you know who created the picture used in this video _____________________________________ If any producer or label […]

Panchavadyam – Euphoric Temple Drummers Of Kerala (India)

Euphoric Temple Drummers Of Kerala are playing near Varah Temple in Pushkar City (Rajasthan, India) during Blue Lotus Festival. The instruments are madhalam, elathalam and chenda. Indian Street Music Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHd5PkUCxVKqqOAPVd0YSusFTxMYS9xQu Blue Lotus Festival: http://bluelotusfestival.com Thanks for the Like and feel free to Subscribe!

Earth Drum – Power Animals – David and Steve Gordon

From the DVD of Earth Drum by David & Steve Gordon – imagery of the Sacred Canyons and Mesas of the American SouthWest – Trance beats with Taos Log Drums, Incan Pan Flutes, electric and acoustic guitars, world percussion, atmospheric syntesizers and sounds of nature. For more information, visit: http://www.SequoiaRecords.com Floating along the river through […]

Oldest African drumming footage ever

Download the soundtrack for free at http://www.afrodrumming.com/free-djembe-mp3.php Rare and old footage of African drumming, dating back to 1930. Taken from documentaries, cartoons, movies and amateur footage. The soundtrack is not the original. It is from the album ‘African Drumming’, which is available as a CD or for download here: http://www.afrodrumming.com/music-store.php Visit http://www.afrodrumming.com for all you […]