Fred Astaire Hat Rack Dance From Royal Wedding

A video tribute to the great Fred Astaire who made everyone he danced with look good, even a hat rack. This is from the film Royal Wedding.

Dancing Shoes

(1949), starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It was their tenth, and last, film together.

Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly The Babbitt and the Bromide

Two geniuses dancing together.I own nothing.No copyright infrightment intented.Enjoy

Ann Miller at her best!

This is the Ann Miller routine from Small Town Girl (1953)

Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life (Final Dance) – High Quality

Johnny pulls Baby up on stage at the end of season revue at Kellermans. Features the classic “Time of my life”.


Two mariachis dancing a traditional Mexican song

Peruvian Music and Dancing

Video I made for a project for my Spanish class

Dancing under the Moon – Native American Chant

Dancing under the Moon – Native American Chant

踊り – traditional Japanese dancing

A geisha dancing to traditional Japanese music with a fan in front of a shoji screen.

New Arabic song 2011: Relaxing Epic Soothing Calm and Chill out music

NOTE: PM me if you want this song. Le Trio Joubran (Arabic: الثلاثي جبران‎) is a Palestinian oud trio, consisting of the brothers Samir, Wissam, and Adnan Joubran from the city of Nazareth. The Joubran brothers come from a well-known family with a rich artistic heritage. Their mother, Ibtisam Hanna Joubran, sang the Muwashshahat (poems […]

Tshetsha Boys – Nwa Pfundla

An amazing track from the Shangaan Electro record. Big Sound! To buy the record go to