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old classic Taiwanese song.

classic chinese song. oldies but goodies

Traditional Chinese Music

Beautifully played by the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics Orchestra

Música china tradicional (clásica) para la guitarra China y la cítara china, solista Liu Fang

La belleza y gracia de la música tradicional china, relajación y meditación, interpretada por la famosa virtuoso – solista Liu Fang en el laúd chino (pipa, o la guitarra China) y la cítara china (guzheng) – El encanto de la música clásica oriental! Liu Fang plays “mei hua san nong” (Three variation of plum blossom) […]

Musica Tradicional China

Mujer tocando Koto en el Epcot Center

Traditional Chinese Music performance “A Magnificent Era”

This song named “A Magnificent Era” (盛世) Composer: Ms. Chie Hsiao-Ching Subscibe for more: Want to listen more traditional Chinese Music:

Pipa performance: “Meditation at Night”

This wonderful melody named: Meditation at Night (夜思) Composer: Ms. Chiu Chi-Ling One of the best song in the Music Album: Reminiscences of the Great Tang Dynasty Subscribe for more NTDonMusic: Want to listen more Traditional Chinese music:

Erhu performance: “Willow branches”

Performance: New Music Enjoy this wonderful melody with special Chinese instrument. Don’t forget to share and subscribe our channel for more beautiful melody with nature scenes: Want to listen more traditional Chinese music:… Follow us on Facebook:… Thank you and have a nice day!

Classical Chinese Music – Erhu Performance with Landscape Scenery

This Classical Chinese piece is played on the two stringed traditional Chinese instrument Erhu. The title of the piece is “Be Saved.” Enjoy the music and the scenery!

Classical Chinese Music (Erhu Performance) with Misty Mountains HD

A beautiful piece of classical Chinese music paired with misty mountains. The title of the piece is “Journey of Truth” it is composed by Jingfen Yan and performed by Xuan Mei.

Traditional Chinese Music: Erhu Performance of “The Vow”

This piece of traditional Chinese music is called, “The Vow” and is performed by MeiXuan on the two-stringed erhu.

Flute Performance ” All new thing”

Enjoy this wonderful traditional chinese music composed by a Falun Dafa practitioner. Don’t forget to subscribe and share to your friends! Thanks! Have a nice day!

Traditional Chinese Music: Guzheng Performance “Dedu”

enjoy this wonderful Chinese melody named “Dedu” Author: Chen Sanping

Chinese Flute and piano Performance “Awakening from the Dream”

Enjoy this Traditional Chinese Music: “Awakening from the Dream” composed by Zhiping Kolouch

Flute Performance “Proud Plum Blossom Amid the Winter Snow”

Enjoy this wonderful Chinese melody named “Proud Plum Blossom Amid the Winter Snow” Author and Performed by Chen Guohua. If you like this melody please click subscribe and share it! Thanks!

Traditional Chinese Music – Chinese Flute Ensemble with field scenes

This beautiful song was composed by Falun Dafa practitioner. Hope you enjoy and share to your friends if you like it! Thanks and have a nice day!

Chinese Flute Strings: “the Plum Blossom Poem”

Enjoy this wonderful melody composed and performed by Haiyáng This is the theme song of the famous “Plum blossom Poem” (An ancient, well-known Chinese poem commonly thought of as a prophecy) Thank you and have a nice day!

Chinese instrumental music collection – Hui Xin Zhuan Yi

I think all songs in my collection are very relaxing. I hope you will like it. When you feel tired or sad,etc…listen these songs may help you feel better u can download here:

Hottest Chinese Music 34 — Street Length Feast

Sung by famous Chinese folk song singer Tan Jing Hani minority culture and festivity