Cherokee – Take Care Of You

Already quite old but my favourite track to chill to at the moment. And I am sure a lot of you haven’t heard this yet. Cherokee:………… Picture: Sheepy on Spotify: Facebooobs: Website: Home Sheepy Shop: Submit Tracks:

3 easy to sing traditional Cherokee songs.

Here are 3 easy to sing traditional songs played on nontraditional instruments.I sing these songs the way the elders taught me to sing them at sunrise services in Cherokee, N.C. We sing them every 6 months at the Cherokee Indian sobriety campout and convention. The campout is the first weekend of may every year. The […]


TO ALL NATIVE AMERICANS …. AND FOR ALL THOSE THAT WISH THEY WERE (me)………PEACE BE WITH YOU……….(I am not Native American. I love and respect your culture. That is why I made this video.)

Women’s Honoring Song “Anagehya- women of all the Nations – you are the strength, you are the force, you are the healing of the Nations.” – Performed in concert at the Blue Deer Center ( ) with remarks on the nature of traditional songs.

Native American – Amazing Grace (in cherokee)

Native American – Amazing Grace (in cherokee)as far as the artist it is (walela ) to find the cd follow these steps go to 1 2 the to Discography 3 the cd is called WALELA

Pure Moods II – Sacred Spirit – Cherokee Rose

Pure Moods II – 03 – Sacred Spirit – Cherokee Rose Native American Indian music

Cherokee tribute, Tribute to my Proud Cherokee Heritage

*I do not own any of the songs or pictures used in this video* This is a video I made as a tibute to my Cherokee Ancestors. My Cherokee heritage comes from my Dads side of the family, where as the Scottish side comes from my Mom. The Cherokee fought bravely for the Confederacy to […]