Marley and Marley Xmas vid

I did this one a while back and i must say i like how it turned out to be. Hook is Marley and Jafar is Marley with Frollo as Scrooge. And to think of it its rather scary for a disney movie. Oh and this is just a warm up for the christmas season, Brerdaniel, […]

Muppet Christmas Carol OST,T16 Thankful Heart

Title: “Thankful Heart” CD: Muppet Christmas Carol (soundtrack) by Scrooge Download: I DO NOT OWN NOTHING!

WERCHOWYNA – Sydyt Mykoła

Ukraińska kolęda w wykonaniu zespołu Werchowyna. Utwór z płyty” Pieśni święte i grzeszne” (2CD, 2005, Konador) Ukrainian christmas carol. Ikony : grupa AGATHOS… Werchowyna have been performing for many years now, but with the same passion. What inspires us is the traditional music of our eastern neighbours. It was some time ago when […]