Keba – Jeso O Etla

One of my Favourite Songs by Keba (a great gospel singer back in Botswana)… I think she released this song when I was at UB, sometime in 2006 just before the major strike. May God bless her more and more so she can release more blessed songs!! I still listen to this song and dance […]

Matsieng – MATICHARA

From the album SARE NYEDI SARE TSEKE This song sends a message to teachers in which they are encouraging teachers to be professional in their work and not to have love affairs with students. Tsankane, Myras, Cdo, and Sesana, bashimane ba ga ba utlwe waitse

Captain Dira – Monate (Botswana)

Captain Dira – Monate feat. Lucia In Rraagwe Software (Pictures from Main Mall, in Gaborone) Botswana

Machesa Thelerini

This song by MACHESA TRADITIONAL DANCE TROUPE talks about a bloke who is in love with a damsel (young lady)… The orator* is basically saying the girl is well-figured, beautiful and the “brother” should buy her something. The other dude laments the extent to which he has been overwhelmed by the young lady’s beauty hence […]


GONG MASTER :Kgotla O Mone – Tshepo BOTSWANA MUSIC Botswana Music Gong Master GONG MASTER ROARS Tau ya koma dikhwaere Franco ranaka Tipi ya Mokwatla Gaborone Traditional music Botswana Rocks GONG MASTER ROARS The big lion and former lead singer of Dikakapa, Gong Master, Kgotla O Mone. magic fingers Robert Dargie, with the assistance of […]

Sekopa Machesa trad. Group

SEKOPA MACHESA TRAD. GROUP Now back into the Royal Kraal for absolute guidance, Machesa boys are still and will always be the Pioneers of Mmino wa Setswana. This is one of their best song available on the album KORA and the DVD also entitled KORA the videos…… Machesa! Loco

Matsieng – Thulamela

One of the best Matsieng’s rich lyrics are in abundance in this video.

Matsien – Tinto

eish e padile…bothata ke gore e telle thata,ke lekile fa ke lekiloeng teng…enjoy.

Tshipidi – Batlokwa cultural group – Botswana culture

Probably my all-time favourite traditional Tswana song by Batlokwa cultural group (in Zimbabwe these people are known by the last name Mdlongwa). Botswana has the most interesting traditional dances in Southern Africa and the fact that they are proud of their culture is a very positive thing.

BOTSWANA MUSIC-mokorwana cultural group.FEAT.Radijo – DIBAUTU

MMINO WA SETSWANA…BOTSWANA TRADITIONAL DANCE,mmino wa rona,dikatara,malepa.mmino wa disco,dikakapa,ke kopa zamaleke hoo tlhe batho ba modimo,gaborone,mmino wa setswana ,Gong master,Dibautu,,ke mosimane wa rro modisane ko palla re bonne,kea sokola,ke ihlobogile.mmino wa setso,setswana,SETSWANA TRADITIONAL,MUSIC,MODIMO,kea sokola,batho,ijoo ledimo la ntannta,franco lesokwane,franco ,alfredo,MOSIMANEGAPE,dikatara,makgoa bare,dibautu, ALL MUSIC BELONGS TO MOKORWANA CULTURAL GROUP,RADIJO BOTSWANA COMEDY…VOLUME 2, THOLO, # KE KOPA LO […]

Matsieng – ke feta ke bolela

e kgaogile…o tla nkinela diatla metsing ..