Hottest Chinese Music 34 — Street Length Feast

Sung by famous Chinese folk song singer Tan Jing Hani minority culture and festivity

Hottest Chinese Music 38 — Ethnic Folk Style Rocks

Lyric My love is endless like the land and sea that is boundlessly unfathomable, Flowers blooming over beneath the interconnecting mountains What kinds of rhythm would sound most rocking and rolling ? What types of song are most appealing ? Winding river looks like it comes down from the sky, Flowing towards the sea of […]

Hottest Chinese Music 37 — Jingpo Girls

Sung by famous female folk song singer Yan Ni

Hottest Chinese Music 36 — Happy and healthy move your body

Lyrics My name is for you to guess Guessing wrong then you are papa’s bad boy More magic than Brother Harry Potter More lovely than Teletubbies The name is really hard to guess Nothing is more lovely than me I looked at the sky watching the clouds Sun starts to sing looking back into me […]

Hottest Chinese Music 35 — My Hometown Can Fly

Sung by famous female singer who was born at Wen Zhou, China Lyrics Because there is wing, So is there soaring, Because there is soaring, So is there heaven. Fly Fly Fly, Fly Fly Fly, Where 5-colored bird has flown over, there is heard the singing from my natives of Wenzhou. Where 5-colored bird stops […]

Hottest Chinese Music 42 — My Kroran oasis

Lyrics of Loulan by Yun Duo, female folk song singer Would like to ask desert to lend its curve line for me make a cloak for you to keep cold away with the heart to touch your soul I was keeping warm by the hearth Would like to ask the goddess of marriage to lend […]

Hottest Chinese Music 41 — Let me gently tell you

Lyrics Let me gently tell you stars in the sky are in the waiting to share your loneliness and your happiness what else cannot tell us that must hold you back Let me slowly get close to you give you both of my hands you still have me to give you my dreams and my […]

Hottest Chinese Music 43 — The blooming of rainy night flowers

Lyrics of the song dedicated to Yang Yuhuan Night of wind blowing on single lamp, river of waters flowing in curved lines Wind of spring brief, yearning of love lengthy, there appeared rainy night flowers Night long, bad dreams short, outside the window its raining and misty Sleeplessness, shear feeling of sadness, last night looking […]

Hottest Chinese Music 6 — Love Across Time and Space

Lyrics Fingers cold temperature Knocking open dust-laden memory Who is in the hearts of memory The eyes of affectionate messages The helplessness of rain Beating out consuming yearnings Fallen flower has the heart yet water is ruthless Wandering down quiet night alone Love through time and space Only lonely transmigration left Love is no where […]

Hottest Chinese Music 5 — I mind

Lyrics Actually my silence has left a trace, only that you paid little attention to it. If two persons together was felt as lonlier than alone, is it love has expired? Gradually you have become the mood of my blog read by others I heard that people who leave comments usually wear a mask Is […]

Hottest Chinese Music 4 — Beautiful Road (HD)

Lyrics of Beautiful road, singer Chen Sisi Beautiful road, your beauty is growing every day. You are with the Sun, You are with the Moon, geting into bright colors, getting into youthful age. You are with the Youth, You are with the Fashion, going into passion, heading for happness and abundance. Beautiful road, your beauty […]

Hottest Chinese Music 3 — Star Bright, Star Light 星光燦爛

Lyrics Starry Night You are like a gust of wind gently blowing, blow open a spring in my mind like fireworks. You are like a river quietly flows, churn up minute waves in the heart. Just like been through the desert single and alone, hastily leave once loneliness at first sight of happiness. Just like […]

Hottest Chinese Music 10 — Born to capital quality and class

Lyrics May the beauty of life be with you, may the naughtiness of children grow as does yours, may the happiness of family be with you, may the friendship get closer to heart, ar yeah ar, ar yeah ar yeah — May the path of success be with you, may the dependency grow between you […]

Hottest Chinese Music 8 — Free to fly

Lyrics rap: yo yo yo come oh yeah (North wind blowing) The fragrance all the way and the whirling wind Bring to mind the concept of cause and effect for those The fragrance all the way keep me trying to figure out rap: yo yo yo come oh yeah Who is singing to the warmth […]

Hottest Chinese Music 7 — Upthere on the Moon

Lyrics Male: Yeah, yeah Female: I looked up, the moon above How many dreams fly free Yesterday forgotten, sorrow wind-dried I want to meet again with you on the road in that vastness of uncertainty. Life has been pulled by traction, tide ebb and tide flood Having you in the distance, that is where heaven […]

Hottest Chinese Music 15 — Ten thousand color flower blossomed

Indian dancing elements and central Asian styles were borrowed into the music in order to give the boring and picky audience a fresh experience. Presented by folk singer Zhang Yang

Hottest Chinese Music 11 — Sage Confucious once said

Lyrics I hear him say, men are kindhearted, my mind gets clearer little by little. I hear him say, love is reciprocal and mutual, my heart gets warmed up little by little. Kindhearted person loves everyone, everyone loves one another in return, ready person helps everyone, everyone helps one another in return, polite person repects […]

Hottest Chinese Music 16 — Love for buy and sell

2010 hottest music from China, hottest song dedicated to peasants, village farmers and countryside folks. Lyrics as follows Betrayed my love, forced me to leave Knowing the truth finally, I cried to my tears Betrayed my love, you owed a debt of conscience However much effort you pay later, wont buy back my feelings for […]

Hottest Chinese Music 22 — The merrily calling of ospreys

Lyrics V1 Guan-guan go the ospreys, On the islet in the river. The modest, retiring, virtuous, young lady : — For our prince a good mate she. Here long, there short, is the duckweed, To the left, to the right, borne about by the current. The modest, retiring, virtuous, young lady : — Waking and […]