At The Ball (English)

At The Ball (English) from Cinderella III: A Twist In Time Copyright Disney

Disney’s “The Ugly Bug Ball” with Sing Along Lyrics

“The Ugly Bug Ball” is a cute song performed by Burl Ives in Disney’s movie, “Summer Magic.” Read along with the lyrics and sing with your kids, they will love it! 🙂

AMV – ‘Nozomi / the wish’ [Woy]

Name : ‘Nozomi’ Anime : Dragon Ball Music : Tabidachi YOSHIDA KYOUDAI (Brothers) AMV Creator : Woy Comment : A small contest having ‘Dragon Ball (Z)’ for theme was launched in the french AMV community (AMVdeFans) ; this AMV didn’t entered it, for having being created after the deadline but had initially acknowledgments for the […]