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Dumbo – Song of the Roustabouts (English + subs)

Dumbo – Song of the Roustabouts I was really surprised it wasn’t up on youtube, because Song of the Roustabouts is probably my favorite song, not only from Dumbo, but from any of Walt’s films. Just by listening to it I get filled by energy. I don’t own this, Disney does.

Dumbo – Casey Junior (English + subs)

Dumbo – Casey Junior One of the shortest Disney songs ever. I wish it was longer, because I like it a lot 🙂 I don’t own this, Disney does.

The Phony King of England – BBC Prince John

This might not make sense if you haven’t seen the Robin Hood cartoon, but hopefully some of you will get a laugh out of it :p Again, I really don’t know where this came from. I just always thought of the cartoon whenever I saw John so this sprung up from a little moment of […]

Dumbo – When I See an Elephant Fly Reprise (English + subs)

Dumbo – Whe I See and Elephant Fly Reprise Reprise of one song (usually the main theme) appearing at the very end of the film, usually sung by a chorus – a Disney tradition. And this was one of the first examples of this. I don’t own this, Disney does.

Dumbo – When I See an Elephant Fly (English + subs)

Dumbo – When I See an Elephant Fly It’s kinda weird that this film has some songs near the beginning and some (like this) near the end, but none in the middle. I don’t own this, Disney does.

Friend Like Me (LIVE ACTION)

FINALLY something worth posting!!!! Introducing my good friend from acting class: Matia! SPECIAL EFFEEEECCCTTTSSSS O____o

Lady and the Tramp 2-Ive never had this feeling before Lyrics.

Lady and the tramp 2 ive never had this feeling before lyrics. Enjoy 🙂 Please support Disney’s Lady and the tramp 2 by purchasing DVDs and merchandise! This is not my property i simply put lyrics up for your own enjoyment!

A-G-L-E-T Song from Phineas and Ferb

full length version of the Aglet song from phineas and ferb. i cut and rearanged the original audio to make a 2 verse and bridge song about 3 minutes in length. i also made modifications to the video as well. enjoy the song and video, and feel free to leave any comments. the song can […]

The Jungle Book – I wanna be like you w/lyrics

Now I’m the king of the swingers Oh, the jungle VIP I’ve reached the top and had to stop And that’s what botherin’ me I wanna be a man, mancub And stroll right into town And be just like the other men I’m tired of monkeyin’ around! Oh, oobee doo I wanna be like you […]

kefka king of france

I was really bored and watching the three musketeers. I love this song and Kefka fits nicely with it. I like how it goes. Sorry for the ending. Rip talents aren’t that great. Enjoy

Ramses (The Prince Of Egypt) – Hellfire

Alright so this was just an idea I had sometime ago. I took AGES to finish this, but it’s finally done. I hope you like it Movie: The Prince Of Egypt Song: Hellfire, from The Hunchback of Notre Dame I do not own the movie or the song. The Prince Of Egypt belongs to DreamWorks […]

NFSMW – Crossy’s King of France

I took a song out of “Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers”. The song belongs to Disney. Game: Need For Speed: Most Wanted by Electronic Arts Disclaimer: The music/video used in this video does not belong to me. It is property of its respective owners.

Captain Hook- He’s A Pirate

soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean ©Walt Disney Company

Kiss The Girl HD – The Little Mermaid

Kiss the Girl music, from The Little Mermaid movie. High definition Música Beije a Moça, do filme A Pequena Sereia. Alta definição

Eris poor unfortunate souls

Ah sweet Eris… She is one of my most favorite vilainesess. Too bad… Uhm This one was made by Chaos as well. No credit goes to me. All goes to Chaos.

Scar – Be Prepared (Reprise)

I saw a couple of vids with this, but I wanted to do one too! 😀 The song is Be Prepared Reprise. It was cut out of the movie. Dpn’t know why, it’s way better than that “Morning Report” crap. D: I own absolutly NOTHING! 🙂

The Demyx Whoop De Dooper Bounce!

This was taken from my Disney Musical Part 33. With Demyx singing “Whoop De Dooper Bounce” From The Tigger Movie. All video clips are from Hope you enjoy watching it and be sure to leave a comment and rate too. Thanks!

The Soldiers of the Old Home Guard (Extended Version)

Due to popular request I have uploaded the extended version of “The Soldiers of the Old Home Guard” from Walt Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks. This version includes the ending credits and singing. Enjoy! Starring Miss Price (Angela Lansbury), Emelius (David Tomlinson), Gen. Sir Brian Teagler (Reginald Owen) and the Home Guard.