South American253 Videos

Jorge Cardoso : Milonga for classical guitar

I have uploaded this beautiful piece without the repetition

Augustin Barrios Mangore : El sueno de la muneca for classical guitar

Augustin Barriosa Mangore was a Paraguayan guitarist and composer

Alfonso Montes : Preludio de Adios

this video is dedicated to the great guitar player Camila Simont,who was brutally murdered last week in Sao Paulo together with her mother,as far as I know by a homeless drug user because of 10 Dollar,that such a talented musician had to die so senseless,makes me very,very sad.R.I.P.

Bobby Valentín ft Luigi Texidor – Jacobo Basura

mmamboed084 2002 Penitenciaria Estatal Oso Blanco, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Clava con clavo zapatero!

Julio Sagreras : Study 84(Book 1) for guitar

The studies in Julio Sagreras 6 books are often very nice little pieces,this is my first upload with alaska fingerpicks

Taita Huamani – Rumy Wind Son | indians |

Taita Huamani – Rumy Wind Son | indians | | camera and editing Marco Mura | recorded in Alghero (SS) Sardinia – Italy October 2010 _____________________ e-mail Rumy: