Native American327 Videos

Native – heya heya

Native Spiritual Music

Manantial – Tatanka

Indianer Musik ist für mich unschlagbar, einfach wundervolle Musik =)

Howling wolf

i made this really short movie for a songvid. In the lyrics were the words howling wolf…but a picture doesn’t howl…so i made this mini-vid


…Spirit of the Wolves

Tatanka – A-La-Ke

A superb relaxing song,Enjoy

WUAUQUIKUNA – Buffalo white

Группа, играющая индейскую музыку в Норвегии. Folk-bandet som spiller indianer-musikk i Norge. Folk-band playing native American Indians music in Norway

Indians and Wolves

indians meet the wolves under the twilight


Estrenar la nueva flauta nativa.

Native American Music HARMONY

Visit us at Listen to this beautiful music from Native Americans. Hope you like it. If you like this music, please visit

Inka Spirit – Elder’s Honor Song

As an indigenous urban culture today Incas in South America is named. Often, as only the respective ruling Inca people of this culture are known. They ruled between the 13th and 16 Century on a far-spanning empire of over 200 ethnic groups, [1], showed a high degree of organization. At its greatest extent (approximately 950,000 […]

Lakota National Anthem

From The homeland.. Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Cherokee War Dance

I found the Mp3 on google for download, it was very difficult to find. I am half Cherokee and it means a lot to me, I have seen the dance take place firsthand. It’s really neat!


Native American Spirit

Native American indian World & Peace

the beauty of the native americans

CHEYENNE – Dances Of the Wolf

**READ PLEASE** I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG. All the credits go to the band Cheyenne and the producers. I only uploaded this on youtube because….well.. i love it x))..its really soothing and relaxing and i just didnt think it was fair for them to staying an anonymous band because they make awesome music. Cheyenne […]

3 easy to sing traditional Cherokee songs.

Here are 3 easy to sing traditional songs played on nontraditional instruments.I sing these songs the way the elders taught me to sing them at sunrise services in Cherokee, N.C. We sing them every 6 months at the Cherokee Indian sobriety campout and convention. The campout is the first weekend of may every year. The […]