On Ensemble: Taiko

New album Bizarre Heroes available now: http://onensemble.bandcamp.com/ On Ensemble – Watashi Watashitachi Find out more about On Ensemble at our website: http://OnEnsemble.org “using traditional taiko (Japanese drum) music as a springboard for their contemporary world fusion mix, On Ensemble beautifully combines folk, jazz and rock into a tightly-woven fabric… their innovative vocabulary bends and refreshes […]

AMV – ‘Nozomi / the wish’ [Woy]

Name : ‘Nozomi’ Anime : Dragon Ball Music : Tabidachi YOSHIDA KYOUDAI (Brothers) AMV Creator : Woy Comment : A small contest having ‘Dragon Ball (Z)’ for theme was launched in the french AMV community (AMVdeFans) ; this AMV didn’t entered it, for having being created after the deadline but had initially acknowledgments for the […]

Yoshida Brothers – By This River (Subtitled)

Yoshida Brothers – By This River Graphic from www.pixel-ellipsis.net

Japanese Drumming Sounds

Sit down and relax, while listening to a composition of drums from Japan. Especially the large Taiko drums give an overwelming sound, which does not fit in any video camera. You have to experience these vibrations yourself. This event was my first encounter with Taiko drums. I followed the drums in the far distance, which […]

Zen music

Dutch dunes and original Zen music by Frank Bilsen (www.themusiclab.nl). Enjoy! All rights reserved

Flow of the Sword (Last Samurai & Yoshida Brothers)

A music video / montage I threw together using the song Storm by Yoshida Brothers and the ninja fight scene from Last Samurai. The main idea was to make a visual representation of the fact that a blade moves quickly and smoothly like that of notes in a song. I hope you can see that. […]

YUZO AKAHORI playing Madrugada – Yoshida Brothers

Yuzo Akahori from Kaito Shamidaiko (Taubaté-Brazil) Playing Madrugada – Yoshida Brothers (SHAMISEN) Para fazer aulas ou comprar shamisen acesse: http://www.kaitotaiko.com.br Acesse também: http://shamisenbr.blogspot.com

MEDITATION MUSIC – Feng Shui- Kokin Gumi – Zen Garden

*Musica Relax – Yoga; *The author of the image is Andy Simmons from England; *Second video of yoga: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=XgCM4iyPxJk

Japan Music and Images

Japan is one of many countries I’m making videos on.

Shamisen Vs. Taiko

Third clip from this unknown (to me) show. The shamisen is played with powerful accompanyment from a taiko drummer. Forgive me for not sharing the artists names, I am relatively new to the Japanese language, let alone 漢字 (Kanji). I hope I spelled that right 😀

Sakura Japanese folk song 2

Sleeping under the trees on Yoshino mountain The spring breeze wearing Cherry blossom petals ….. The spring wind Scattering blossoms I saw it in a dream but when I awoke the sound was still rustling in my breast

Moments of Illusion (Dawn Voyages, With Koto)

Here is a remix of Dawn Voyages, featuring traditional koto music that should prove more soothing than the original ‘exciting’ mix.

Shamisen, koto e shakuhachi

Tokyo Gaidai – 初春の演奏会 Raindrops. 「軒の雫(のきのしずく?)」 つくづくと 春のながめの さびしきは しのびにつとふ 軒のたまみづ (新古今和歌集より)

Rin’ – sakura sakura

Rin’s music video for their song sakura sakura… japanese traditional folk music with a modern twist at it’s best. thx for the lyrics: Mabushi kumai chinu sakura iroi kokoro hodo kete tsuki akari no naka kimi no kao ga ukande kieta Machi tsuzuketa ano koe n’de te wo furu kage sagasu kedo itsuka no kaze […]

Katsushika Hokusai

The works of Japanese painter Hokusai set to traditional Japanese music. I had to loop the music forgive me!

shamisen – japanese traditional music

Shamisen music and landscape of Tsugaru district

Música tradicional del Japón

Música tradicional del Japón. Instrumento Shamisen. Estilo Sugaro Shamisen

Traditional Japanese Music

We caught these guys at the Fiddler near Takadanobaba Station in Shinjuku.