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♪♪ Wonderful Africa Chill Out ♪♪

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better…”

4. Swahili – Learning through songs – Jambo Song

In this excercise we will learn kiSwahili the most fun way! That is by singing a famous kiSwahili song which I believe originates from Kenya and a band that made it famous (if not the originators) is ‘Them Mushrooms’ [now called “Uyoga” which means mushrooms]. By the time this clip is over you will be […]

A.L.C.A. – Calling Africa (Original) Calling Africa E.P.

A.L.C.A. – Calling Africa (Original) Calling Africa E.P.

Acholi Song by Jahria Okwera – Min Duny

A song by Jahria okwera and Pretty beatrice. Its called “Wer per min duny”. This is one of the traditional songs/dances of the Acholi group – an ethnic group in Africa, who are mostly indigenous to South Sudan and Uganda. Collectively, the Acholi are part of the ethnic group known as the Luo – river […]


This is a special video for people that love and want to save Africa. The music is one of our Original music by Koolwindmusic, it came to me, as I was thinking of Africa. I hope it will touch your Soul!This is the perfect music for Soundtrack for a movie about Africa.Contact us for Details. […]

African Dance: MALI West African Dance, African Chants, Djembe Drums, “Danza” (Diansa, Dansa)

to see more: Dancers (Ami Doumbia left and Malodone right) from the award winning Santogoola community center and local group in the Sabaliboogoo district of Bamako chant traditional songs and perform traditional based dance choreography to the Danza rythym in Bamako Mali while accompanied by Aruna, Brulye, Siaka and Kaliefa, 4 different gerations of […]

African Drums Burundi Warriors Of the Drum

in times of war prepare for peace. in times of peace prepare for war.

African Drums Original Composition

Purchase MP3 via iTunes One of my most meritorious compositions so far. If you do enjoy it…let me know, I would love to hear what you think. Permission to use background photo from “” This composition is *copyrighted* please ask before using!

African Ethnic Music

I made this using Garage Band for a music theory class. Feedback is appreciated. Also, the fact that I call this “African” is pretty ignorant. However, African is going to get me way more views than naming any one particular country…not that I really give a shit.

African Heat by Stephan Funkmann

VÖ: 21.01.2011 Artist: Stephan Funkmann Track: African Heat EP: Zamunda EP Label: Vilena Records Facebook: Web: Mail: Beatport: RA: Soundcloud:

African Sunset – African Tribal Orchestra

Worldwuan Videos. Un Mundo Fenomenal.

African Tribal Music

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African Tribal Orchestra – Sundown In Madagaskar

Chillout – Relaxation music Album: Buddha Bar Presents – Buddhattitude-Alaafiya

African Voices:Spiritual, Relaxing, Tribal – Music N’Chant Nguru – Sounds of Africa AWESOME DEPRESSION METHOD: CLICK LINK ABOVE THE MUSIC: The powerful music of N’Chant Nguru embodies all that is Africa. The raw vocals punctuate the rhythmic beat of the music and together they affirm the wonders of this magnificent continent. 1.Djole 2.Tribal Rhythm 3.Rites of Passage 4.Orika Sunset 5.Afrique 6.Mmiri Umuaka 7.Sai Gobe 8.IIekun D’Africa […]

African World Music Composition – Toby Barnett

My own composition for part of our world music module on the music tech/performance course at Stafford.