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Oh You Beautiful Doll/Daddy – For Me and My Gal

“Oh You Beautiful Doll” and Don’t Leave Me Daddy” from “For Me and My Gal” i make no profits from these videos – enjoy!

Every Sunday (excerpt)

Waltz with a Swing/Americana(Opera Vs. Jazz) Judy Garland and Deanna Durbin Remixed and restored for stereo from the original music scoring sessions.

Ray Bolger: Dancing!

Famous Ray Bolger dance scene from the movie The Harvey Girls


Performed by Judy Garland for Easter Parade, but cut from the film, 1948. Easter Parade was initially a Gene Kelly/Vincente Minnelli project, but Kelly broke his ankle playing football just before filming was to begin. Later, Judy asked to have Minnelli replaced because they were having marital problems, and she thought it would help if […]


Introduced by Judy Garland in the film The Harvey Girls, 1946. This is a High Quality closeup. Words by Johnny Mercer, music by Harry Warren. When white clouds go sailin’ To make my wedding gown, Then we’ll go trailin’ To the valley where the evening sun goes down. And hidden away in the gloamin’ When […]

My One And Only Highland Fling – The Barkleys of Broadway

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire sing and dance My One and Only Highland Fling from The Barkleys of Brodway

MGM: The Barkleys of Broadway: You’d Be Hard to Replace

Clip from the The Barkleys of Broadway 1949. You’d Be Hard to Replace. Starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

Cyd Charisse, ballet dancer

From Bandwagon. For once we see Cyd as a classical ballet dancer, very different from her style in most of her films. When Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes toured the United States, Cyd was one of the cast.

Two Faced Woman- Joan Crawford/Cyd Charisse

Two Faced Woman Danced by both Joan Crawford and Cyd Charisse, narrated by Debbie Reynolds. Charisse’s scene was going to be in The Band Wagon, but was cut

Lena Horne – Stormy Weather (1943)

Here’s the full version of a performance that can be found truncated elsewhere on YouTube — from the 1943 film of the same name, the great Lena Horne delivers a sizzling performance of her signature song. (I wish I had the full dance that follows it, which includes some amazing ballet. If anyone has a […]

Dance of Jealousy – Bailando con Celos

Cyd Charisse and Ann Miller are obviously in a contest for the affection of their mutual partner, Mr. Montalban! Who could blame them? Now, we’re in mourning for Mr. Montalban himself. May he be with his beloved wife Georgiana forever. He’ll never be forgotten. Rest in Peace; Descanse en Paz Ricardo! Also, sad to say […]

Doris Day – Ten Cents a Dance – Love Me or Leave Me (1955) – Classic Movies – Cine Clásico

Singer: Doris Day Song: Ten Cents a Dance Movie: Love Me or Leave Me Year: 1955 Lyrics: Ten cents a dance that’s what they pay me, gosh, how they weigh me down! Ten cents a dance pansies and rough guys, tough guys who tear my gown! Seven to midnight I hear drums. Loudly the saxophone […]

Doris Day – Shaking the Blues Away – Love Me or Leave Me (1955) – Classic Movies – Cine Clásico

Singer: Doris Day Song: Shaking the Blues Away Movie: Love Me or Leave Me Year: 1955 Lyrics: There’s an old superstition ‘way down south Ev’rybody believes that trouble won’t stay If you shake it away When they hold a revival way down south Ev’rybody with care and trouble that day Tries to shake it away […]