Martha Tilton – You Make Me Feel So Young

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You Make Me Feel So Young
Capitol 272, 03/21/1946

ADDED IN RESPONSE TO NorthBreed1’s nice observation:
Back in the pre 50s when the artists or labels could sing and record anybody’s original. I believe most of her generic songs were the best in class; or some even far superior. But then, she didn’t have to do many of them “first” (ie: And The Angles Sing, which went superbly!).

Overall she obviously had the artistic gift to inspire awe in most anything she found herself singing; any occasion, time, or subject. She surely added a lively and cheerfulness to her renditions of most everything she sang; without being too obvious.

Her tag name “Liltin’ Martha Tilton” was right on the mark! In this instance it was a wonderful surprise for me; the way “she lilted and varies her readings of I’m gonna feel the way I do today. “NorthBreed1”.

I believe some very gifted more modern vocalists may be lacking a wee-bit of the Liltin’ gift. I am sure it also has a lot to do with way the vocalist interprets the meaning of the song and the accepted practices of the period.
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Martha Tilton was probably best known as Benny Goodman’s songstress.
She was initially billed as the Sweetheart of Swing before becoming better known affectionately as The Liltin’ Miss Tilton.

Goodman kept Martha busy and between October 1937 and the summer of 1939, he placed in excess of thirty recordings on the American Top 20 of which Martha’s vocals were featured on 27 tracks including two chart-toppers.
(from Martha Tilton, Tom Oehme – The Coral Treasures)

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