Performed by Judy Garland for Easter Parade, but cut from the film, 1948.
Easter Parade was initially a Gene Kelly/Vincente Minnelli project, but Kelly broke his ankle playing football just before filming was to begin. Later, Judy asked to have Minnelli replaced because they were having marital problems, and she thought it would help if they weren’t together both at home and on the set.
Fred Astaire came out of retirement to replace Gene Kelly, reportedly because he had always wanted to work with Judy (the two had been scheduled to work together on The Belle of New York and Ziegfeld Follies of 1946, but neither opportunity materialized). He ended up spending another twenty years of his life making pictures. Fred Astaire said of Judy, “Judy’s not primarily a dancer. But she’s the best of her type – an amazing girl. She could do things – anything – without rehearsing and come off perfectly. She could learn faster, do everything better than most people.”
Though other projects were planned, Easter Parade would be the only pairing of two of the screen’s greatest legends – Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.
“The reason I got Irving [Berlin] to agree to do Easter Parade was on account of Judy … because every song writer there ever was – whether it was [Jerome] Kern or Irving or Cole Porter or Harold Arlen – wanted to write for Judy. Judy and Fred, they were the two they wanted their songs sung by.” [Arthur Freed]
The tux outfit worn by Judy in Easter Parade for Mr Monotony, at the suggestion of Vincente Minnelli, was later the inspiration for her outfit in the Get Happy musical number from Summerstock, 1950.
Words and music by Irving Berlin, 1947
Information courtesy of The Judy Garland Database: http://www.jgdb.com/easter.htm
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