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Silk Road Dance Company: Everyone Has a Beloved
Throughout the lands traversed by the Silk Road, poetry is an honored and revered art. When verses are set to music, the dancer must embody the inner sentiments. For this setting of a Hafez poem, the costuming and dance vocabulary are unique to Bukhara, matching the compelling rhythm patterns of the introduction and the rolling 6/8 cadence of the song itself. In Bukharan dance, the performer often enters veiled, wearing a characteristic headdress called a peshanaband.
In Sufi poetry, the veil is a metaphor for the great mystery that separates this world from the Beyond. God is the Beloved and wine represents the intoxication of union with the Divine.
Last night I had a secret gathering with my beloved
She appeared with her significant beauty and sat beside me.
I begged her to give me the wine of Infinity
Everyone has a beloved,
Thou art my only Beloved.

Choreography and costumes: Laurel Victoria Gray

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