Lu Me Sceccu (Italian folk song)

Folkways Records ‎– FE 4520
Ethnic Folkways Library

SIDE II, BAND 2: LU ME SCECCU (‘My Little Donkey”). Recorded in Messina, Sicily. Sung by a cobbier from Catania, with guitar and chorus. A wagon-driver sings nostalgically about his little donkey, who was fory years old when he died. He remembers the sound of the donkey’s voice, and imitates it in the song. “My donkey was a wonderful animal of good stock. Only it was a pity that he couldn’t speak. When he died I was very sick and I will never forgive him. When he opened his mouth it was like harmonious music to my ears. When I was very small I kept him in the garden behind the house. I love him very much.”

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