Llobet and Tarrega played by Marc Teicholz

Guitar: 1936 Ignacio Fleta (http://bit.ly/14zELtq). Here’s Marc Teicholz performing in the Guitar Salon International showroom in Santa Monica, CA during his concert ‘Valseana Live’, where he played on 8 important classical guitars, including a 1921 Santos Hernandez, 1930 Domingo Esteso, 1952 Hermann Hauser I, 1971 Daniel Friederich, 2007 Edmund Blochinger, 1936 Ignacio Fleta, 1969 ‘Churchdoor’ Miguel Rodriguez and an 1867 Antonio de Torres. Here he is on the 1936 Ignacio Fleta playing Miguel Llobet’s arrangement of 2 Catalonian folk songs: “El testament d’Amèlia” and “Cançó del Lladre” and Francisco Tarrega’s “Capricho Arabe”. Video shot by Jurgen Reisch (www.JurgenReisch.com).


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