Dimi Phaze – All This Love

Dimi Phaze, whose real name is Dimitris Papathanasis, was born on July 22, 1978 in Athens, Greece. His first steps into music were while he was still a toddler, where he couldn’t breathe a moment without his radio tuner, which his mother had brought him as a present. He grew up listening to all kinds of music, with pop music being on the top of his list.

By the time he was not more than 7 years old, he decided to seriously develop his already established passion and get into a music school. He stood for almost 6 years before he moved to a professional college specialized in the study of contemporary music. When he got his first piano and guitar was when he realized he wants to compose his own tracks and express his feelings through music.

On 1996, Dimi Phaze alongside with his instruments recorded mostly rock-type tracks, because of his influence of the Grunge scene of Seattle. A couple of years later he pairs other styles with his current influences and evolves to an open-minded producer ready to spread his talent around the world.

When he was sure his sound was professional and equivalent to the 2004’s electronic scene, he signed his first contract with Dave Seaman’s own label, Audiotherapy, and released some remixes standing worthily into the worldwide dancefloors. The same time he was working very hard at the studio on his first project, an amazing diverse double album, covering a wide range of tastes and influences from downtempo and smooth grooves to uplifting electro and tech house music.

After 2006, Dimi Phaze with his debut album “Season One”,released by the sound of everything,got the recognition he deserved. The massive hit “All This Love” was the track that exposed his name along with all the people he had worked with, while the production team of the awarded movie “Eduart” selected “Underwater” to accompany an important scene in the soundtrack.

Now, Dimi Phaze is working on all kinds of projects collaborating with many producers, doing original tracks and remixes, while being a DJ and appearing in the best clubs around the world. Listening to his music can be an excessively uplifting experience and no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to pinpoint his style since his imagination and inspiration are endless.

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