Classical Guitar – Kyrylo Shchyptsov plays Sonata “Giocosa” by Joaquin Rodrigo

Kyrylo Shchyptsov plays Sonata “Giocosa” by Joaquin Rodrigo.
Allegro moderato, Andante moderato, Allegro

Kyrylo Shchyptsov was born in Nikopol, a small town in Southeastern Ukraine. At the age of 7 he received his first guitar lesson from his father, the guitarist and teacher Alexsej Shchyptsov. In the seven years following this time he continued to learn under his father’s tutelage and in addition he received piano lessons from his mother, Natalia Shchyptsova. Kyrylo’s passion for the guitar and his wish to convey his feelings and to penetrate the human soul through music making was already present at this young age. His parents raised him with the patience, devotion and the hard work necessary for nurturing his musical talent.
At the age of 14 Kyrylo began his studies at the Glinka Music School in Dnepropetrovsk with guitarist Andrej Shilov. Through display of his talent Kyrylo was accepted to be further educated there and refined much of his musical ability under Shilov’s tutelage.
Kyrylo finished his studies at the Glinka School with distinction in 2003 and proceeded to pursue a degree at the Music Conservatory in Odessa. Under the instruction of his teacher there, Elena Khoroshavina, Kyrylo perfected his musical skills and acquired further important knowledge for his musical development. During this time he gave many concerts and participated in international competitions and festivals such as the Guitar Festival Kjustendil-Bulgaria where he received the prize of second place and the Guitar Spring Odessa.
After his successful graduation from Odessa, Kyrylo was accepted in 2009 to the Bremen University of the Arts in Germany, for artistic post-graduate studies under the instruction of Jens Wagner.
In order to further improve his musical ability, Kyrylo attended master classes from renowned guitarists Carlo Marchione, Zoran Dukic, Tilman Hoppstock, Thomas Offermann, Goran Krivokapic, Roman Viazovskiy und Hubert Käppel. Additionally Kyrylo participated in the following competitions: Guitar Competition and Festival in Niksic (Montenegro), Gitarren-Wettbewerb und Festival in Gevelsberg (Germany), Guitar Forum Wien, (Austria), Bremen Guitar Art (Germany).

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