Music of Peru “Marinera Nortena” Peruvian Folk dance – Brisas del Titicaca

Music of Peru Marinera Nortena live in Brisas del Titicaca of Brena Lima. I have been there with my parents and family enjoying this lovely music and great music show

Marinera is a coastal dance of Peru, ” Marinera is a graceful and romantic couple’s dance that uses handkerchiefs as props. The dance is an elegant and stylized reenactment of a courtship, and it shows a blend of the different cultures of Peru. The dance itself has gained a lot of recognition and is one of the most popular traditional dances of Peru. Ever since the 1960s, during the month of January, in the city of Trujillo, declared national capital of this dance by law N° 24.447, January 24, in 1986, and a National Contest of Marinera Nortena is held. In year 2012 the congress of Peruvian republic reclared October 7 as marinera day and in Trujillo city is celebrated with a parade and dance expressions.

According to Peruvian historian Romulo Cuneo Vidal, the zamacueca was itself a dance of rest during the times of the Inca empire (And in some Pre-Inca cultures). Thus, coming from such a far natively Peruvian background, the dance is itself simply a derivation of an ancient Peruvian dance. What helps validate this statement are the ancient huacos depicting people resting in the zamacueca positions.
The first Marinera to be written in musical notation was La Concheperla composed by Abelardo Gamarra Rondó and José Alvarado, by Rosa Mercedes Ayarza de Morales in 1894

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