Little Nemo Adventures In Slumberland (1989 Full Movie) HD 1080p

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Based on the comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland
The 1989 film Little Nemo Adventures In Slumberland
And this is the uncut DVD not the cut VHS.

Gabriel Damon – Nemo
Rene Auberjonois – Professor Genius
Mickey Rooney – Flip
Danny Mann – Icarus
Laura Mooney – Princess Camille
Bernard Erhard – King Morpheus
Bill Martin – Nightmare King
Sherry Lynn – Bon Bon
Alan Oppenheimer – Oomp
John Stephenson – Oompo/Dirigible Captain
Neil Ross – Oompa
Sidney Miller – Oompe
Michael Bell – Oompy
Beau Weaver – 1st Teacher/Cop
Bert Kramer – Goblin
Bever-Leigh Banfield – Woman
Ellen Gerstein – Page
Greg Burson – Flap/Nemo’s Fatherf
Gregg Berger – Equestrian Master
Guy Christopher – Courtier/Cop
Jennifer Darling – Nemo’s Mother
June Foray – Librarian
Kathleen Freeman – Dance Teacher
Michael Gough – 2nd Teacher
Michael McConnohie – Etiquette Master
Michael Sheehan – Fencing Master
Nancy Cartwright – Page
Tress MacNeille – Elevator Creature

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